The Best and Brightest

Posted by Admin - February 8th, 2010

Every year there is a ritual which millions of Americans participate in yearly, involving advertising and football. By the end of that first sentence every reader knew I was referring to the Superbowl Ads. They are the funniest, most effective, most expensive advertisements you will see on television each year. Many people who do not like football at all will gather around the television to watch the funniest advertisements the marketing industry has to offer.

Super Bowl advertisers, who adopted a more pragmatic approach in 2009, seemed to return to humor, relying on a familiar Big Game ad tactic: comedic violence. The shift, ad executives said, means marketers think recession-weary consumers want a reason to smile.

Budlight, Coke, and Snickers scored big points with me when I watched the game, but advertisers seemed to think a lot of the Denny’s and Doritos commercials.